REBT SOS Self Help Form

REBT SOS Self-Help Form

Step 1: Describe the Activating Event


What is the situation that you are upset about?


Step 2: Identify Your Unhealthy Negative Emotions & Your Self-defeating Behavior


What are the unhealthy negative emotions that you are experiencing?

What self-defeating behaviors would you like to change?


Step 3: Identify Your Irrational Beliefs

What are your

about the situation?

Step 4: Dispute Your Irrational Beliefs

What are your disputing questions?

Step 5: Identify Your Rational Beliefs

What are your rational beliefs about the situation?

Step 6: Identify Your Healthy Negative Emotions & Your Self-helping Behavior

What are your new healthy negative emotions?

What are your new self-helping behaviors?

Step 7: Process Your REBT Self-Help Form

Designed by Will Ross � 2006